Tuesday, June 5, 2007

decided to give this thing another shot =)
especially since it's the hols now.. yayness!
savouring the omelette i just made isn't enough to keep the insomnia at bay.
reflected a little on monday.. this thing.. this past year.. it has made me a bitter person.
as much as i would like to thing that i'm the same old person.. i'm not.
i've become one of those weird people.. those that the well-meaning grandmas wouldn't understand.. one of those eccentric relatives that i used to label as having known too much and having thought too much.
i've become more cynical, bad tempered and manipulative..

and as of 4th June 07 (mark this date!), i'm going to move over all this negativity..
it wasn't the best way to start off the hols.. but i got a taste of my own medicine. i know now the meaning of stepping into someone's shoes and walking around in them.

even dropping hair opens doors..
getting posted to the 2 hospitals furthest away from home means that i won't get these locations after 4 months..
selfish and shrewd behaviour shouldn't stir up unhappiness.. it's just one step closer to understanding human nature.
2 very different people in a relationship may pose a steep learning curve.. but it's a good test of their love for each other..

i'm not going to pray that God shuts my eyes to whatever's ugly anymore.. i'm going to ask that i accept the realities.. and to look on the bright side.